Our cooperation offer is dedicated to all companies related to power and metallurgy industry. In order to meet market expectations, we strive to build long-term and mutually rewarding relationship with our customers. Aware of the trust that our clients place in us, we pay special attention to make a cooperation with customer reliable, meaningful and attractive.

We appreciate the opportunities of developing which are posed by a successful cooperation. By working with power concerns we have gained much experience both in terms of repairs and production of components for steam and gas turbines, and complete installation systems for industrial and plant engineering. We can be proud of positive cooperation with our customers to which we provide a narrow range of products such as steering diaphragms, pipes, seals, blade spacers, turbine valves and stellites. We also execute selected components of large projects, producing both elements of larger dimensions (e.g. welded constructions, foundation plates for turbine units in nuclear power plants, rotary stands) and smaller (e.g. blade spacers, sealing strips or caulking wires).

Our cooperation with the energy market also led to a specialization in the delivery of repair kits, containing sets of components required to rebuild turbine engines (steering diaphragms, valves, servomotors, piping, sealing rings, fixings, rotor blades and diaphragm blades). To meet the expectations of our partners, we engage in performing of the most difficult jobs, such as repairs of hulls or rotors. Our engineers are also undertaking consultancy and help customers to solve any unexpected technological problems, which often may occur shortly after the start of the project.

Metal Expert, having an engineering team with decades of experience in production for power industry, pays special attention to meet the needs of its customers. We know the importance of timeliness, competence and openness to solve problems. Awareness of these values defines our lines of work in cooperation and indicates for us the best definition of quality.