Metal Expert offers installations for high-temperature waste pyrolysis treatment in order to convert waste into valuable electricity and heat. Installations are prepared for an individual order of the Client taking into account the specific needs of the plant.

Installations for processing RDF waste are characterized by high efficiency of processing alternative fuel fractions. About 1.9 MWh of electricity and 3.8 MWh of heat energy is generated from 1 Mg/h of waste. Part of the electricity produced is returned back into the process, ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of the system. The pyrolysis process at a temperature of 800-900 ° C ensures the maximum yield of calorific syngas while reducing the formation of by-products.

Metal Expert is the first company in the world that offers a complete system for high-temperature waste pyrolysis which is fully in line with the principles of waste-to-energy management. Installations are offered under the EL PIRO brand – more information at