From the beginning, one of the main priorities of Metal Expert Company was to improve the technology of diaphragms production. Soon, in response to market demand, this product has become a specialty of company and one of the most important elements of our offer.

Complete process of diaphragms manufacturing performed by our factory begins with the delivery of wrought metal and ends with obtaining a complete product. Comprehensive production character guarantees us a possibility to control the product quality at every stage of its manufacturing process.

Diaphragms for action turbines are made by a patented manufacturing technology of producing the uniformly strained diaphragms, which results in better performance parameters of product and greater savings in material and energy. Applied technologies are supported by robotic welding processes to achieve more durable, competitively priced products.

The appreciation of key clients in energy industry is our best recommendation and also an inspiration to continue improving the production of steering diaphragms.

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