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Machining is a set of processes, the primary purpose of which is to change the parameters of a workpiece or material (including its shape, size or physical-chemical properties).  Experienced specialists, an extensive machine park and precision in the planning and implementation of the process allow us to carry out the most complex projects.

Want to know more? Detailed information about our machinery park in the „EQUIPMENT”.

Machining of keyways

We specialize in the production of various types of keyways in impeller wheels and rotor shafts. Our capabilities include high-quality CNC machining and specialized cutting tools necessary for the fabrication of such components.

Board of directors

Chief Executive Officer: Paweł Makowski
Vice-President / Chief Financial Officer Jarosław Kaźmierczyk
Vice-President / Chief Operating Officer: Daniel Deorocki


Metal Expert Sp. z o.o.
00-195 Warsaw,
Słomińskiego Str., 5/231

Office in Elblag – Kwiatkowskiego

Metal Expert Sp. z o.o
Main plant in Elblag
82-300 Elbląg, Kwiatkowskiego Str., 14

Office in Elblag – Stoczniowa

Metal Expert Sp. z o.o.
82-300 Elbląg, Stoczniowa Str., 2
tel. +48 55 239 14 01

Metal Expert