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Micro-scale biogas power plant

Micro-scale biogas plant - a method of utilization of biological waste with energy recovery.

Micro-scale biogas power plant MBG-10.

Description of the technology:

The main objective of the project is to offer to farmers a device producing and processing agricultural biogas in a small or medium-sized farm.

The ferment chamber (1) is designed as a cylindrical, welded, sealed container made of carbon steel with internal dimensions Ø 2,6 x 13,5 m. The basis of the tank are the 4 outriggers made of welded construction. In the front part of the tank there is a loading compartment opened at the top (2) also equipped with a ramp for moving the loaded material and a pump shaft (3). Pumped fermented manure goes to the middle of the digester where there is carried out single-stage methane fermentation – mesophilic fermentation. Inside the chamber there is a heating installation and an innovative system for spraying fermented liquid manure (4). The spraying installation ensures effective mixing of the fermented liquid manure in the ferment chamber. In order to maintain a stable process of biogas production, it is important to ensure the proper temperature inside the digester. The outer surface of the ferment tank covered in an insulation layer of foam helps to keep the desired parametes of the process. Produced biogas goes into the biogas storage located on top of the ferment chamber (5). The biogas provides fuel for an internal combustion engine coupled to an asynchronous generator 18 kWe. Generator together with heat exchangers build a CHP system which produces electricity and heat (6).

Metal Expert has completed the project of construction and sturted-up of an agricultural micro biogas plant as part of the Przywidzki Communal Mini Energy Cluster.

More information:

Koordynator Projektu – Michał Etowski
mobile phone: 880 575 245


Prezes Zarządu: Paweł Makowski
Wiceprezes Zarządu / Dyrektor Finansowy: Jarosław Kaźmierczyk
Wiceprezes Zarządu / Dyrektor Operacyjny:  Daniel Deorocki

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