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Each one of us is responsible for quality.

Quality control

To ensure high-quality end products, we have implemented a series of procedures and instructions at every stage of production, from material acceptance through manufacturing to packaging, storage, and transportation.

Tasks related to inspection, measurements, and testing are carried out only by authorized personnel, and it is the duty of every employee to report products and materials that do not meet requirements. Each of us is responsible for quality.

We have qualified quality controllers and NDT inspection operators, including operators with the highest, third-level qualifications. Quality control during manufacturing is also carried out through self-inspection, which is only authorized for selected employees with extensive experience, who are specialists in their respective areas.

Every stage of production undergoes inspection. Detailed quality criteria are described in the workshop documents issued before production begins – technological guides. The results of the inspection are documented.

If any non-conformities are found, the production process is suspended, and the non-compliant product is subject to actions according to the procedure for monitoring non-conforming products.

Final inspection of the products is conducted after completion of the manufacturing process and all planned measurement and testing controls with a positive result. In special cases, such as production for the nuclear market, we perform a two-stage inspection, also involving third-party stakeholders.

Board of directors

Chief Executive Officer: Paweł Makowski
Vice-President / Chief Financial Officer Jarosław Kaźmierczyk
Vice-President / Chief Operating Officer: Daniel Deorocki


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