As a company operating in the industry that requires the use of latest technologies, Metal Expert knows that the constant upgrading of products and technologies is the key to a rewarding collaboration with the client. Regarding the needs of industrial market, we regard innovation as our top priority and a strategic element of business development. To increase our potential as a partner, we always look for innovative solutions to apply them in practice.

We take the most technologically demanding tasks such as repairing hulls or rotors in emergency circumstances, where standard procedures of repair have failed. In our technologies we use patented solutions, such as technology of manufacturing the uniformly strained steering diaphragms, which results in better performance parameters of product and greater savings in material and energy.

Metal Expert’s team have unique knowledge and experience in the repair of turbines, materials selection and choice of welding technology. In order to meet specific requirements that may occur during the production of untypical and unique products, Metal Expert uses the robot welding stands, which enable the application of different welding technologies (such as TIG-Hot Wire, MIG/MAG). This ensures us that all work is carried out with utmost precision.

Environmental awareness is becoming an increasingly important aspect of sustainable development of many companies. Mitigating climate change by seeking the environmental friendly solutions becomes an obvious attitude of each individual. Metal Expert develops innovative technologies that allow to reduce the negative impact of waste disposal. The company is the initiator and designer of two concepts of waste management and their valorization with the energy recovery.

Metal Expert also offers an installation for the agricultural sector – a compact micro-scale biogas plant, which enables the management of agricultural waste in the production of high quality fertilizers and the production of electricity and heat for the farm.